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Changing management VLAN on 2950s

Bad practice I know but we currently manage our 2950 switches using an IP address assigned to VLAN 1. We would like to change this to use a new VLAN with a different subnet which will also mean changing the default gateway. I have tried this and although it works fine I can't do it without a console connection as I lose connectivity during the changes. It also seems to require a reload after making the changes as it seems to maintain the old default-gateway even though I have changed it!!

Does anyone know if there is a way of managing these changes without either reloading the switch or having to make the changes via a console port.


Re: Changing management VLAN on 2950s


Cisco 2950 Switches are Layer 2 switches and you wont be able to have more than one SVI which can have ip address assigned to it.(not more than one L3 interface vlan with ip address assigned).

if you try to create the same the previous interface will go into shutdown mode automatically.

Its better to get onto the console and do the changes.But do remember that you can have as many as L2 vlans created depend upon the platform limitations..



Re: Changing management VLAN on 2950s

For the default-gateway issue, did you do a

no ip default-gateway

first, change mgmt vlans, then create the new default gateway? If not, that might be the reason that the old gateway is still there. Also, on any switch that supports mls, its better to use a default route than the default gateway command. Example:

conf t

ip route


Hope this helps.

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