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Chase IOLAN Console server with Cisco devices


I'm using a 16 port chase IOLAN comms server to access the console of a number of routers and switches. I managed to find the instructional manual online here:

I'm experencing a strange issue when telneting into the devices through the console server and I can't seem to find an answer in the manual or anywhere online.

On a router or switch, usually when using a show command that fills more than one frame of text the CLI will prompt you to display more by pressing space bar or enter. When going through the console server it looks as though the command to display more text is automatically being input, so if I leave the terminal size at the default only the first screen of text will be displayed. If I increase the the term length to 512 (the max) and do a sh run the entire running config is displayed in one big stream.

Also when I use any kind of authentication on the devices (e.g. creating an enable password or adding authentication to the console/vty lines) when the switch displays the prompt to enter a username of password, it's as if the console is sending the enter command to the very first prompt.

for example:


Password: <-Console automatically sends enter command so the switch prompts again

Password: <-Now I can enter the password

This is very frustrating and makes logging into vty/console lines with authentication impossible.

I'm sure there must be a setting i'm missing here but I've tried changing most of the options including the flow control on the IOLan server. Attached is how I've configed each of the ports on the server. Has anyone encountered an issue like this/could see an option in the config that may be causing this?


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