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Cisco 2600 Router QDM blank page

So if I'm not mistaken QDM simplifys a lot of management through a java interface, I'd REALLY like to use this however once I boot it all up, I can get to the web interface fine, alas the QDM manager returns a blank page that is 0KB in length.

Apparently Cisco has discontinued QDM, making it impossible to reinstall it to see if that fixes it, not only that but I don't have the CD that came with the router, and Cisco doesn't provide any downloads for any of that it seems (No TFTP server for transferring new files anyway)

I would like to know if they have a replacement for QDM and where I could get it, if not I'd like to know what I could do to fix the QDM.

Thanks :)

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Re: Cisco 2600 Router QDM blank page

As you've seen, QDM is discontinued. It was only ever tested on 12.1(5)T on the 2600 series, so usage with modern IOS versions will probably not work.

The replacement for QDM is QPM or the QoS Policy Manager. This is a server-based product that helps simplify provisioning and monitor QoS policies on a wide variety of devices and IOS versions. More information on QPM can be found at .

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Re: Cisco 2600 Router QDM blank page

As I understand it though, thats a product you have to pay extra for, so basically they take away a product that came with my router, and say that I need to pay to have that product restored?

I thought it was a Java type interface like the Pix 501 firewall we have came with, that basically takes away from having to do everything in a console (for the most part). Or is it just some kind of network analyzing tool?

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Re: Cisco 2600 Router QDM blank page

Yes, QPM costs money. QDM should still work with older IOS versions, though TAC no longer supports it. It is a Java applet that runs directly on the router. It was designed to help with configuring and monitoring QoS. The QDM docs are still available at .

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