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Cisco 2960 lost configuration after transport, internal battery problem?


I had configured a Cisco 2960 using the CLI and ended with

copy running-config startup-config

After this, during our tests, we have unplugged the switch from its power and then restarted it.

Everything worked fine.

Now the switch has been transported to our customer and the customer notifies it has no configuration (all VLAN 1, no management IP, no trunk ports...).

They had to reinsert the script (which did not take long).

Now they are uncertain whether the problem could be because of a battery failure in the switch.

Because indeed we tested it for a power outage of 5 minutes but not for several hours or days.

Is this possible? I thought the configuration would be on flash and so it is not depending on a battery.

I have no idea how the configuration could have been lost I can only think of a replacement switch or a manual reset by customer.

What could have happened? Or is this indeed a battery problem?

Is there a way that I can view the reset history of the switch?

Best Regards,


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Holding in the Mode button on

Holding in the Mode button on the front of the switch ( I think during power up) will reset the switch configuration. It isn't that hard to do this if you apply power and push the switch into the rack. You can disable this feature with the no setup express command.

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