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Good morning 

I just received new router cisco 4331 and I setup  with one SM-X1T3 / E3 card and one NIM-2FXS / 4FXO. After the Router finish load I try to activate (enable) T3 card using this command: RT (config) # card type t3 1 0
The Router mark ^card unrecognized. Question I missing any other command.




I think you need to activeate the card first without identifying port number. Try

Router(config)# card type t3 1

Then if it's accepted, it must been shown on running-config. After that you have to I'd identify the port number within that card.

Please inform me of updates.


Good morning

Good morning

I try the command.  I change the card and the router and still with the same problem, but if I install T1 card the router accept the command. I upload a photo.

Good Morning I still working

Good Morning I still working with my new Router and T3 card

And I find this message

%spa-3-msg_parse_failure: SIP1: iomd: failed to parse incoming message from sm-x-1t3/e3++

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Re: Good Morning I still working

Curious if you are still having this problem? I have a Cisco 4451-X and using the same type of card and getting same exact error, any help would be appreciated


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Re: Good Morning I still working

Same issue here, Cisco 4451 with a SM-X-1T3/E3 card showing this:


*Dec  7 20:25:21.941: %SPA-3-MSG_PARSE_FAILURE:iomd:  Failed to parse incoming message from SM-X-1T3/E3++= slot 1 subslot 0 board 0.
*Dec  7 20:25:21.942: %SPA_OIR-6-OFFLINECARD: SPA (SM-X-1T3/E3++=) offline in subslot 1/0


Router#show hw-module subslot all oir
Module        Model                Operational Status
------------- -------------------- ------------------------
subslot 0/0   ISR4451-X-4x1GE      ok
subslot 0/2   NIM-4MFT-T1/E1       ok
subslot 1/0   SM-X-1T3/E3++=       out of service(not allowed online)
subslot 2/0   SM-X-4X1G-1X10G      ok


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