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Cisco and windows Dns

my dns admin asked if it was posible to have the routers

use windows dynamic dns feature.

I wan't to get all my router interfaces into our companies

dns and the admin asked me if I could do this... I searched

and I saw some things on ddns and internet type services

but wondered if anyone ever did this for internal or could

point me in the right direction.

Any help appreciated

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco and windows Dns

Hi George:

When an interface of an IOS product is configured via DHCP, yes, there's a D [dynamic] action happening that can inject into DDNS [Dynamic Domain Name Services].  This is really visible in wireless networks where the access points will pull an IP address from DHCP and can either pass the name they get via DHCP (presumably already defined in a DHCP reservation) to the hostname field on the access point, or if the hostname changes (like from a wireless LAN controller), the hostname would be passed backward in the DHCP process and end up on the DNS server.  Either direction, there has to be some DHCP action happening to get the "dynamic" working.

Most folks aren't comfortable with having a router or switch get an IP address dynamically, but it certainly can be done.


Rollin Kibbe

Network Management Systems Team

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