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Cisco AR 4.0 configuration - LEAP

Good day all,

I'm evaluating Cisco Access Registrar 4.0 and I'm trying to configure LEAP with authentication to 3rd party radius. I've found some userguides for the product on the Cisco webpage but it doesn't clarify how to configure the setup we have in mind. What I'm thinking about is this scenario:

Client<---LEAP--->AP1200 <---LEAP---> Acess Registrar <---RADIUS---> 3rd party Radius server.

So basically what I need is this, I'm using LEAP on my Wi-Fi network, and I want to be able to authenticate users to e.g. Microsoft IAS Radius via the Access Registrar. The only thing I need from the Microsoft Radius is yes or no if the user is valid. I want to handle everything else in the AR, including, Authorization, and Accounting. The only config guides I've found regarding similar setup is if the AR is using it's own internal User Database, and that's not quite what I'm trying to do.

Hopefully some people are using similar setup and can point me to right directions.



Re: Cisco AR 4.0 configuration - LEAP

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Re: Cisco AR 4.0 configuration - LEAP

This scenario is only for local Configuring Local Authentication and Authorization... Doesn't help me. Thanks anyway... It seems to be really hard to get any support for this product. Prob. not many people using it..

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