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Cisco CNR venndor specific options

We are using Cisco CNR 6.2 as a DHCP server for our IPTV STB. The STB vendor gave me a copy of their dhcp setup for a linux box and I'm having trouble converting this to the CNR box. I am not very familuar with the CNR box and need some help getting the vendor specific stuff added. Below is a copy of what the STB vendor provided. If someone could provide some assitance with how these options are configured in the CNR box, I would greatly appreciate it.

option space ENTONE;

option ENTONE.DECODER_APP_FALLBACK code 105 = text;

option ENTONE.ENTONEINI code 106 = text;

option ENTONE.DECODER_LOADER_VERSION code 110 = text;

option ENTONE.DECODER_LOADER_FILENAME code 111 = text;

option ENTONE.DECODER_LOADER_FALLBACK code 112 = text;

option ENTONE.DECODER_APP_VERSION code 113 = text;

option ENTONE.DECODER_APP_FILENAME code 114 = text;

# For BBL

# ENTONE-HDBOOT-SMP used by BBL to download and flash the entone APP when it's missing (from factory)

or corrupted.


match if substring (option vendor-class-identifier, 0, 17)="ENTONE-HDBOOT-SMP";

filename "pkg_entone_hd_smp_bin.P6R4B1A_MV.tar.gz"; # defaults to http://<next-server>/<filename>

#filename ""; # http with explicit server


vendor-option-space ENTONE;

option log-servers;




Re: Cisco CNR venndor specific options

Here is the URL for the Supporting Vendor-Specific DHCP Options which will help you :

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Re: Cisco CNR venndor specific options

Thanks for the reply. I've read this document as well as the 6.2 document and niether have been much help. I was hoping to find someone who has actually deployed CNR with STBs. I've set up the options as described in the document and even went as far as opening a TAC case but it's still not working.

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