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Cisco DCNM 6.2 does not support most of the switches in my network

Hi All,


I have just installed Cisco DCNM 6.2. I have run a discovery using SNMP v1 my core switch which is a 3750G stack. DCNM discovers all my switches but does not support the 2960 and 3750 switches. The only switches I can select to manage and are supported are a 4510 and 3550. I have also run another discovery using SNMPv3 on a different core switch (Nexus 3K) at one of our remote sites. DCNM found all the other 2960s in that network but I can only select the two Nexus switches in the core to manage. What do I need to do to be able to manage all my switches switch?

Thank you in advance.

Community Member

Hello,DCNM is meant for data


DCNM is meant for data centre network management and as such only supports the MDS, Nexus and the 6500 series switches, see the RN under supported Cisco platforms and software:

For the discovery issue DCNM should 'see' the other devices so you need to have a look at your SNMP and CDP (used for neighbour discovery on a per hop basis) settings on each of the devices.

For an software package to manage LAN/WAN environments you really need to be looking at Cisco Prime LMS.

We are going through the same problem, it would be nice to be able to manage the DC and LAN from DCNM.




Daniel Hunter



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