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Cisco Inventory Scripts-

I'm looking for input from the user community on where I might find scripts to perform inventory on Cisco equipment (Rtrs and Switches of various models).

I see where I can walk the OIDs below and get cardInformation for routers and was hoping I could somehow pull the data I get using RME XML and custom card reports using a script(s) or freeware type tools.

cardDesc = .

cardSlotNumber = .

Any input is appreciated-

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Re: Cisco Inventory Scripts-

I think, the following script imports a license file located at C:\clm_email_license.xml:

clm_import.bat cisco email C:\clm_email_license.xml

for more information please click following URL:


Re: Cisco Inventory Scripts-

Here you go

This is not an option for my business.

My caveats for this:

1. Does not support all Cisco hardware platforms.

2. Does not support all versions of IOS

3. Will prolly die a most horrible death when it encounters modular IOS.

4. Your support is questionalble and may be religated to tinkerers or script kiddies (but there are also lots of well educated and knowledageable folks in the Non-Profit and Education fields that use this)

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Re: Cisco Inventory Scripts-

Hello Getwithrob,

I'm a little confused, you have RME running on your network but you want to use a script to get your inventory? If you have RME, you should be able to look into the DCR and see what devices are credentialed. Also, do you have CM running? Did you run a discovery on the network? Are there any devices listed in your discovery report?

I hope I can help out some, please let us know more.

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Re: Cisco Inventory Scripts-

1st off, thanks for the responses.

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to them.

There are 3- RME 3.5 servers and 6- Campus Mgr 3.3 servers doing configuration, inventory and syslog management for approximately 15,000 nodes made up of 81 different models of devices running some 280 or so different versions of code. The Solaris boxes are all the way patched and at the latest IDUs.

The custom card reports won't show daughter cards, power supplies and don't report on new devices like 6504-Es and a few others that are EOS/EOL just to mention a couple of problems with this report.

I can run the detailed device reports but I have to filter a ton of data not related specifically to the chassis models/Serial #s, card models/types/Serial #s, power supply models/Serial #s.

I've also setup some custom XSL stylesheets to launch XML output created using cwexport in a browser but all daughter cards and power supplies don't live in the same part of the XML output meaning many different stylesheets would have to be written and applied.

These are only a couple of the challenges I face each month when trying to get an accurate inventory of the all the devices on the network so spare parts are available in the warehouses around the country.

All devices are in fact discovered in Campus but I wasn?t aware I could get inventory information like serial #?s and card models and types from Campus.

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