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Cisco iOS upgradation


1> I have cisco 4000 router, Version 11.2(16).Router is going ver slow.There is no ACLs,not any routing protocls,only statis routes are there.What can be the cause??Every time there is high %age of IP Input process.

2> I want to upgrade its IOS.From where I can download the there need of registered users of cisco to download IOS.

Please tell me.



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Re: Cisco iOS upgradation

Hi, Request to elaborate the symptoms a bit more, like slow response in app behavior, etc, time pattern for slow response etc. Also, is it 4000 or 4000-M router?

11.2(16) itself is a very old IOS and obvious reasons for it being buggy, you may wish to upgrade the IOS basis the available memory. You would need a valid CCO account for this.

IOS Planner:

Software Upgrade Procedure:

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Re: Cisco iOS upgradation

Hi..Thanks for the immediate response.

This is :

IOS (tm) 4000 Software (C4000-J-M), Version 11.2(16), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

slow response in terms of CPU utilization:

CPU utilization for five seconds: 48%/25%; one minute: 43%; five minutes: 44%

sometimes it goes very high around 90%.

Please tell me what is CCO account,is it the registered customer of Cisco who have purchased the cisco products from cisco .

Thanks again.


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