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Cisco LMS 2.6 fiber cut

Dear all,

i have a meteroethernet network with fiber optic as my media, some times we have fiber cuts so, the switch which is a layer 2 become unreachable,also sometime we have switches turned off from power supply, so how can i generate a report or get notified that this switch is turned off not a fiber cut, or its fiber cut not a turned off switch.. plz help

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Re: Cisco LMS 2.6 fiber cut

DFM will not be able to distinguish between a fiber cut, and a switch that is powered off. Both will cause the switch to appear unreachable to DFM, and both will cause DFM to generate an OperationallyDown event (which can be turned into an email, syslog, or trap notification).

Assuming there is a syslog message generated from an upstream device which can notify you of a fiber cut, you could use RME's syslog analyzer feature to notify you when that occurs. However, there is no way to know a device was just powered off (versus some other event which made it unreachable).

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