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Cisco LMS 4.1 - Taking SNMP trap to Email Alarms

Upgraded LMS to 4.1.  Yep basically reinstalled.  However I can't remember how I did a couple of thing on the original system.

I am trying to take the traps from the Cisco equipment to the LMS and generate e-mail.  How do I take the incoming traps (Crit and Warning) and send an e-mail alarm.  I'll plan to control what to trap on at the Cisco Equipment.

So my Cisco has something like this

snmp-server enable traps envmon fan shutdown supply temperature status

snmp-server host version 2c public

SNMP trap is set from a fan fault, the Cisco send a trap to the LMS.  Now I want take that trap and forward via an email. 

I have been reading the admin documentation on "Notification and Action Setting".  I see how to take the Cisco LMS created trap and email alarm.  (In this case I need a specific trap that LMS did not have.)  I see how to take Cisco Traps and resend them to other NMS.

Thanks in Advance


Cisco LMS 4.1 - Taking SNMP trap to Email Alarms

You can only do this with syslog messages, not with traps.



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