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Cisco LMS 4.2 components selection?


Is it possible to install LMS 4.2 in multiserver mode but with possibility to select installed components/applications? I'm talking about Solaris version. I can't see such an option. It will install all the components on every server which I don't want to. We have LMS 3.2 working in such setup: one server with most major components, other running just DFM and third one with only HUM installed.

How to do this?



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Cisco LMS 4.2 components selection?

I think I may have just stumbled into this: Admin >> Device Management Functions, which gives you this:

Enable or Disable Management Functions
Inventory, Config and Image Management  
Network Topology, Layer 2 Services and User Tracking  
Fault Management  
IPSLA Performance Management  
Device Performance Management  
Note: If you disable a function, the function will stop collecting  device information. For IPSLA Management, history data will be deleted.

Cisco LMS 4.2 components selection?

It is indeed kind of strange that it is no longer possible to stop certain parts of the appication completely.

Unchecking them in device management does not stop that application from running!

It basicaly just cuts the allocation of devices towards that application, hence resources are still lost.



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Cisco LMS 4.2 components selection?

With LMS 4.x CiscoWorks infused some architechtural change. With LMS 3.x and older, the devices used to have a separate management process OGSServer processes.

Different modules had dedicated OGSServer processes to manage devices individually (like RMEOGSServer, CmfOGSServer, DFMOGSServer etc.)

LMS 4.x slightly replaced it to have UDM (Unified Device Management), which has one device management process for all modules.

The inclusion of UDM now restricts the previous model of individual module installation as Master-Slave. Moreover new CiscoWorks (4.x and onwards) has Module concept replaced by feature separation.

So you'll only be able to separate LMS 4.x onwards in master-slave by features, in which Invenotry, Config and Image Management is mandaotry.

This is the way it has evolved.

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