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Cisco LMS 4 scalability considerations


Recently we have deployed network management system based on CiscoWorks LMS 3.2 with 5000 devices license in large-scale distributed network of ~6000 devices, which consisnt of one Central Office (CO), 7 Brach Offices and 10-20 sub-branches per Branch.

We're using centralized deployment scheme with one Master LMS and 8 Slaves, one per Branch and one for managing CO devices. Each slave LMS manages only devices from its Branch network segment (+ sub-branch devices).

Not all of that devices are currently being managed by LMS (~ 1500 devices in DCR atm), but in the nearest future we're planning to increase the number of management devices to its maximum (6000) and migrate to the latest version of LMS (Prime LMS 4.1) with upgrading  LMS license to 10000 devices.

Considering the fact, what there is an limitation in number of managed devices by one LMS server (no more than 5000 devices) we will continue using centralized deployment scheme, but nevertheless I have some doubts about the limitations of DCR size on Master LMS:

- Are there any limitations of DCR size in LMS management domain? Can we have, for example, 10000 devices in DCR without any affect on server performance?

- If there are some, what is the way to optimize current LMS management topology?

For you to better understand the topology I'm attaching the conceptual scheme:

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