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Cisco LMS Modules



I have recently started working on Cisco LMS and have some doubts regarding it , i will be really grateful if someone can clarify my queries.

1) In DFM Module what does the duration signify in "High Severity Alerts" ?

2) what should be the data collection and acquitision frequency ? 

3) what should be the device poller frequency in CM settings ?

4) In UT acquisition the user details are captured from Switch arp entries ? cant they be done from Router Arp ?

suppose i have only Routers added in the LMS and no switches , can UT acquisition work without switches ?

5) i have 699 devices in LMS , however at a time only about 400 are operational rest of them are down  due to certain power condition problems , still Data collection shows 

"Last Collection 681 Devices" (the no. varies in the range 670-690) , if the devices are not ON they how is data being collected ?

6) What is the difference between Operationally Down and Unresponsive in DFM Events Summary ?



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Following the responses to

Following the responses to your questions :

1. The High Severity Faults portlet provides a consolidated real-time view of the operational status of your network. When a fault occurs in the network, LMS generates an event. All events occurring on the same device are rolled into a single fault.

The Duration signifies the time since when the event appeared.

2. Data collection and User tracking run default 4 hours. But these features are configurable and can be set according to your needs as per network.

For acquisitions, there are of various types of user acquisition which runs in different time and you can check their details here:

3. Critical device poller is configurable option and is on administrator to decide how often they want to poll the devices added/selected as critical devices. This option to used to see the device and link status without running Data Collection.

4. Yes devices added as Switches are collected for MAC/CAM table and devices added as Router are collected for ARP table and User trakcing maps MAC addresses to ARP entries. But without the switch is present/managed in LMS, the MAC/CAM table will be missing and hence miss on end host details of that switch. ARP will be used to show corresponding IP address details of the end hosts.

5. It needs to be troubleshooted. Does the devices down during that time shows RED in topology?

6. Following are details :


  • Interface— Operational state of a card or network adapter is not normal.
  • System Hardware—Disk's operational state is not normal.
  • For interfaces, LMS will only generate an OperationallyDown clear event if the card is reinserted into the same slot, and if the module index is the same before and after the card is reinserted.


Description: Device does not respond to ICMP or SNMP requests. Probable causes are:

  • On a system: ICMP Ping requests and SNMP queries to the device timeout received no response.
  • On an SNMP Agent: Device ICMP ping requests are successful, but SNMP requests time out with no response.
  • A system might also be reported as Unresponsive if the only link (for example, an interface) to the system goes down.




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Thanks a lot Vinod for your

Thanks a lot Vinod for your reply

1) DFM captures events from collectors configured in IPM ? also duration for an event states 5 hours ago and last change time is current time ? how is that ?

If events are real time then why duration stats are in hours or days ?

3) which modules uses polling ? i mean data collection populates every detail but which details are updated by device polling only ?

4) If i have Routers added in my LMS and not the corresponding switches of the same location , will end users with their ARPs be displayed in UT ? because in my UT report i have seen only those users are being displayed whose switches are configured in LMS

5)Of a total of 699 devices 150 are always down , despite that data collection completes with 680-682 devices.

7)In RME Hardware summary only 578 devices are displayed everytime , however in RME Device Management 699 Devices are there ? why is this difference ?

8) In events updated what does 3/1 Diamonds mean ?

Thanks again.


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