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Cisco LMS VS HP open view

Good day team,

is there any major difference between them more than the one belows

Cisco LMS

only cisco devices

easy to manage

can use cisco discovery

HP OPEN view


hard to manage

can not use deivce discovery

Cisco Employee

Cisco LMS VS HP open view


I dont have a much experience with HPOV, but i can share more benefits from what you have already mentioned about

CWLMS, due to which I think it surpasses HPOV in many sense.

CiscoWorks LMS is a very powerful management  tools that simplify the configuration, administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of Cisco networks.

Following are some of the more detailed features which separate LMS from any other NMS software :

> A strong next-generation device discovery is done using cisco Propreitary CDP and other new technologies, modules and protocols like HSRP, ARP, BGP, OSPF, Cluster Discovery Module, LLDP, and routing Table as well.

> Real-time network fault analysis with easy-to-deploy, device-specific, best-practice templates.

> Hardware and software inventory management, centralized configuration tools, and syslog monitoring.

> Monitoring and tracking of network response time and availability via IP SLA

> Real-time device and link management, as well as port traffic management, analysis, and reporting.

> Support for network virtualization through configuration, reporting, monitoring and troubleshooting for VRFLite networks.

> More quickly and reliably utilize Cisco best practices using Cisco Smart Business Architecture (SBA) templates.

> LMS has Smart Services Interaction for contextual Technical Assistance Center (TAC) case creation and Cisco Support Community and it's interaction can Smartly tap into the Cisco Support Community knowledge base, streamline interactions with TAC.

> Cisco Prime LMS manages the deployment of the latest Cisco technologies and services such as medianet, Cisco TrustSec, and EnergyWise.

> A very crucial support for End-host manangement, including a separate IP Phone information.

> An integrated Inventory, software and configuration archive mechanism.

> Get immediate up-to-date information about the network through flexible reporting for inventory, user tracking, compliance, switch port usage, end-of-sale, PSIRT, and other critical areas.

> Easily manage all phases of the end-to-end lifecycle of Cisco value-added technologies and solutions, such as medianet, EnergyWise, TrustSec and Identity, Auto Smartports, and Smart Install.

A better comparison, if you are planning to get one, is ofcourse by using both of them. A evaluation Copy of Ciscoworks can anytime be downloaded from :

Hope it helps!



-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **
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Cisco LMS VS HP open view

thanks a lot Vinod for your help

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