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Cisco monitoring solution


Which product can I select as monitoring solution?

Thanks in advance


Cisco monitoring solution

Do you want to monitor parameters such as CPU, memory utilization, Bandwidth utilization etc?

In this case I recommend Cacti. It is a powerful open source tool



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Re: Cisco monitoring solution

Free tools from Cisco include Cisco Network Assistant from the Lan/switch side of things and Cisco Configuration Professional from the Router prospective. Supports for devices is limited to those as listed in the respective release notes.

From a general SNMP prospective, Cacti, as mentioned in a post to this thread, MRTG, would be another. These are configurable. But require some knowledge of snmp mibs, etc. to get them setup.

There are also 3rd party tools like Solarwinds Orion, HP openview and others, but these can be pricy...

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Cisco monitoring solution


Maybe you guys know any tools , how to monitor device only with the help of console cable?

There is an example:

Server --------- Cisco2811router-----------------Router/Switch

(any OS)

Red color - Ethernet connection;

Blue color - Console connection (a.k.a reverse telnet);

Is  it possible to monitor router or switch, and get all the information  (about what commands user used on that device) and send that information  to the server?

I tried to achieve that with AAA for reverse telnet , but there was success only for device authentication.

For device authorization there was always an error " Authorization failed ".

How about you?

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Re: Cisco monitoring solution


Thanks for your reply.

But I want cisco monitorinig solution not from other's mean product of cisco on monitoring and network management.

Thanks for more help

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco monitoring solution

Following is the link for Cisco Homepage for Network Management and Automation. It has all Cisco's Products listed with more details. You may choose one as per your requirement :

FYI, Some of them are available for free and many of them needs a purchased license.


-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **
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