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Cisco NCS Prime upgrade error : "% Manifest file not found in the bundle"

Hello ,

I am currently trying to upgrade my NCS software from to using the upgrade bundle .

Running the upgrade procedure i receive the following error message :


CPNCSSRV/admin# application upgrade NCS-upgrade-bundle- ncs-ftp-repo

Save the current ADE-OS running configuration? (yes/no) [yes] ? yes

Generating configuration...

Saved the ADE-OS running configuration to startup successfully

Initiating Application Upgrade...

% Manifest file not found in the bundle


Just to make it clear :

1. the .tar file isn't corrupted

2. there are no typo's

3. the repository is fine

Any ideas would be appriciated .

Thanks ,


Cisco NCS Prime upgrade error : "% Manifest file not found in th


In case anyone encountered the same problem, here is how you solve it:

1- Login into shell by typing "shell command" from NCS enable mode.

2- Copy the installation zip file to local disk directory:

          cp /source-path/name/ /localdisk

3- Browse to localdisk directory which exists in the root directory and unzip the zip installation file:

          [LMS/root-ade localdisk]# unzip

4- Exit shell by typing "Exit"

5- At this step, if you type the "dir" command, the installation file "NCS-upgrade-bundle-"  should appear.

6- In "conf t" mode, create a new repository

     repository myrepo

          url disk:/

7- application upgrade NCS-upgrade-bundle- myrepo

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Moath Rawashdeh

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I am confused about the

I am confused about the "shell command" it doesn't appear to be a valid command option.

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I believe it's actually "root

I believe it's actually "root" on NCS (which requires as a prerequisite that you set "root_enable").

It allows you to be in the underlying OS and run Linux commands vs the limited set provided by the NCS application's CLI.


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Yes, it was root but the

Yes, it was root but the unzip wasn't an option. I tried gunzip as was as tar and was unable to un-compress the file.

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If I recall correctly the

If I recall correctly the download from is a zip archive (which in turn contains a tar.gz archive that the application upgrade script requires).

You don't have to unzip it on the ncs host but can instead validate your checksum and make sure it can be unzipped from your PC or Mac using something like 7-zip. If that checks out OK, then you have a good download. You can move it over in its unzipped form. Cisco only zips these files on to get the few percent savings for downloads.

Also, make sure when you transfer it over to the ncs server (via ftp) that you set binary mode transfer.

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I found the issue for me was

I found the issue for me was that I had FTPed the file to NCS/Prime via DOS FTP, which defaults to ASCII mode. After choosing binary mode (in DOS FTP, just enter the "binary" command), the file transferred and my install is proceeding!

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