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Cisco Network Assistant for multiple access

Hi All,

   hopefully this is the right place to post this.  We've been looking into Cisco Network Assistant for our "help desk" (all 3 of them) and I was wondering if it is possible to configure CNA for a shared environment..  With that I mean the application will run on a Windows Terminal Server and all 3 users should be able to access it.  Currently I've only seen it running localy and each user has to create or import the setting from another user.  This is fine until something changes in the enviorenment and that changes are only saved in the local users configuration. 

any ideas if something like this is possible with CNA?



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Cisco Network Assistant for multiple access

I don't think you need to go to the trouble or cost (licensing-wise) of setting up terminal server. If you can live with only one person at a time using a common installation, just put it on a Windows host and have them RDP into it.

A Windows terminal server installation wouldn't be technically "approved" or "supported" but it would probably work as well.

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Re: Cisco Network Assistant for multiple access

Hi Marvin,   The WTS server is already there as we use it to get into different customer segments.   The problem though that each user has to have his own login to meet security restrictions.  I've got CNA installed, but it needs to be local for each user, no problem there.   Problem-> It's just that if once user makes a change to the "community" for example a new switch or IP change, than he needs to export it and give it to the rest of the team so that they can import it.

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Re: Cisco Network Assistant for multiple access

You may have already figured out then where CNA stores it's localized files - in %userdir%/.networkassistant (hidden from view by default).

You could probably hack the system by manually copying (or scripting a copy) between the respective help desk users' directories but it would be an unsupported setup.

You'd also potentially face problems of revision synchronization in the event of multiple users making independent changes - whose is the "right one"?

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Cisco Network Assistant for multiple access


Marvin's answer looks like it might work, altough we have never tested it. Daniel, would you be interested in talking to our marketing department about your use case? It sounds very interesting.


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