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Cisco network monitoring hardware?

Does Cisco make a hardware device that you can use for network monitoring? I realize that most people capture data via netflow or snmp and analyze it with various different software programs, but you would think Cisco would have a hardware device dedicated to monitoring/alerting. CiscoWorks is OK, but sometimes I need more detailed info on hosts, etc and would like it in a smaller package. Anyone know of any decent network monitoring hardware solutions? This one seems OK for a Cisco environment....

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Re: Cisco network monitoring hardware?

Cisco produces the Network Analysis Module for Catalyst 6500 series switches and ISR modular routers (e.g. 3660, 3745, 2800 series, etc.). These devices use RMON 1 and 2 to report on traffic on the network, and also include an embedded web-based interface for showing traffic metrics and running reports. They also have the ability to collect and analyze NetFlow data.

See for more info.

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Re: Cisco network monitoring hardware?

Cisco does have a hardware device for network monitoring. It is the Network Analysis Module that fits into many switches and routers:

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