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Cisco Prime 2.0 - Nexus clients not discover

Dear all,

I've installed a Cisco Prime infrastructure 2.0 and it's working perfectly except for Nexus 7k : I canot see the wired client connected (useful for traking) while it's working fine on many other devices. The devices are managed with an inventoy collection completed (No data vailable in Device Details/ clients / current associated wired clients).

any idea ?



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Cisco Prime 2.0 - Nexus clients not discover

I heard that the full netflow is not supported on the 7ks.  You shouldnt have issues if you purchased a specific module for the Nexus that enables full Netflow.  Im not sure what that module is currently.



Cisco Employee

Re:Cisco Prime 2.0 - Nexus clients not discover

Issue with Nexus can be if SNMP V3 is configured. You should have snmp context configured on device, which would help getting end hosts clients being discovered.

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Re: Cisco Prime 2.0 - Nexus clients not discover

I have a ticket open with TAC on this, they are saying this is supposed to work in PI 2.0, but have yet to come with resolution.  I have tried using SNMPv2 and SNMP v3 with no success.

Edit:   I have this issue with both 5k and 7k.

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Hi cwood,Please inform us

Hi cwood,

Please inform us about the status of this TAC case.

kind regards


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Hi Vincent,I have this

Hi Vincent,

I have this problem too. I found this related information about supporting "clients and Users" for Nexus in PI2.x/LMS4.2.4.:

  1. Cisco Prime LMS 4.2.4 - User Tracking for N5K:, User Tracking require the SNMP-BRIDGE-MIB on the target device(s). That was introduced in NX-OS 6.02 on the Nexus 5000 platform.
  2. LMS 42 user tracking:
  3. Nexus 7k and 5K in LMS 3.2.1. “When adding the Nexus devices to DCR, provide the “netadmin SNMP RO credential”. When other SNMP RO credential is provided, user tracking will not collect end host data. The Nexus device should be running NXOS 5.1(1), 5.1(3) or later. 5.1(2) is not supported.
  4. Configure the device to map community with context using the below command: snmp-server context vrf, snmp-server mib community-map context

Please let us know what the progress is of the TAC case. I'm very interested.

Kind Regards


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