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Cisco Prime 4.1 Swap Space Issues

We have a issue where Cisco Prime 4.1 is using alot of swap space. We have 16 Gigs for it and it will use most of it. Also I am running out of Drive Space. I have all of my pruge settings correct, but still having issues. Any ideas?



Cisco Employee

Which Server OS is it?

Which Server OS is it? Windows or Solaris or an OS on VM?

How do you determing if Swap is taken? Swap is allocated space in memory/RAM and processes are switched to it by scheduler when not in run state. Do you mean your memory utilization is high?

For Disk Space, you have to again share which directory is taking up space? 

Ideally LMS has following directories which may take a lot of space :

> NMSROOT/log directory where a lot of logs can take up the disk space. You can use Log Rotation to free the space. For instant release of disk space, you can stop daemon manager and delete logs from there and start it back.

** Log directory : 

Windows : NMSROOT/log

Solaris : var/adm/CSCOpx/log

> Directory where LMS saves the device configuration, it gradually takes up a lot of space and hence you should do some instant purge to for archived configuration and change audit data.

** Log directory : 

Windows : NMSROOT/files/rme/dcma/devfiles

Solaris : /var/adm/CSCOpx/files/rme/dcma/devfiles

> Also, if your LMS installation is running since many years, there are chances you have a lot of jobs history. You should also do purge or instant purge to these jobs.

For details on Purge settings check document here.



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Thanks for the response Vinod

Thanks for the response Vinod,

Solaris 10

Using df -kh we see that swap is around 15G

Not running out of disk space for files and directories, just using excessive swap space.



Cisco Employee

Swap is usually a statically

Swap is usually a statically assigned space from you File System. Swap on file system is allocated by the server administrator manually. It is on your solaris admin who should be able to reduce the swap size as per the OS procedure. 

This is not a LMS side issue, as swap is not controlled by application on OS, but by OS itself. You can see the swap size entry on your /etc/vfstab file.

Also, LMS 4.1 is not a supported application. You should upgrade to LMS 4.2 which is much better and stable.



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