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Cisco Prime help...

I am relatively new to Cisco, and was handed Cisco Prime to basically learn on my own.  So please bear with me if I am missing something obvious.  I have the Archive Summary Report, and it shows 26 devices that failed to backup.  Basically the lines read as follows

Device Name     : Config Type      : File Type      : Accessed at : Description
Whatever          :  PRIMARY        : RUNNING     : Aug 6, 2012 : SSH: Failed to establish SSH connection to - Cause: Authentication failed on device 3 times.  TELNET: Failed to establish TELNET connection to - Cause: Connection timed out.

All lines are the same outside of the last statement varying from timed out to Connection refused.
Config types vary between PRIMARY & VLAN

File types vary between RUNNING & STARTUP

When I acess the device in prime and use the Reachability status I get the following.


Since SSHv2 is setup shouldn't Telnet, SSHv1 automatically be removed from the report as failed?  What am I missing?  Are these devices actually getting connection or not?

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Cisco Prime help...

I believe you have to remove those from the checklist yourself.

Check under DCR verification settings

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