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cisco prime infraestructure 2.0 and catayst 2960X..



I found it almost impossible to manage any of the new devices cisco interleaved 6 months in the market.

Anyone know if you can manage (create vlan, enabled ports, ports assigned to vlan, enabled ports) on cisco prime infraestructure 2.X switch for 2960x

For now with snmp v3 NO NOTHING WORKS .. or downloaded image o perfomance....

That i you can see   stack   2960.. ... and really it's a 2960X

Does anyone know if this has been fixed or will be fixed someday?

Another thing that raises blisters is that since version 4.2 have not incorporated part of compliant (safety report PCI-DSS, etc. ..) in the cisco pime infrastructure (neither version 1 or version 2), I think or will they say about time that they will discontinue products.

For when a Cisco Prime stable? Version?

Best Regards

Cisco Employee

Hi ,2960x should be managed

Hi ,

2960x should be managed properly in PI 2.x

Apply the latest device package :pi_dev_pack_update_2.0-25.ubf

you can downloaded from here:


after installing the latest dev packages , delete and re-add the device .

hope it will take care of the issue.




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New Member

i update last device pack a

i update last device pack a software..


anyone know when the cisco prime infrastructure can manage 2960X (stack) to assign ports to a vlan or receive traps save settings or download the image?

anyone know when  report compliant ( PCI-DSS,ETC..)  will be support to Cisco Prime?

I have a stack ..

Best Regards


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