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Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.4 SNMP Traps are not converted into Alarms

Hi everybody,

I just configured SNMP Traps on a Cisco Catalyst 3750-x to send to our Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.4 Appliance.
Now I forced the Switch to send some traps (Power off a Power Supply, Interface errdisable). The only events I see in Alarms & Events on PI is the same information message everytime:
Configuration management event has been recorded in ccmHistoryEventTable.

I think the forced traps should be converted into alarms? Why can't I see them?




Cisco Employee

It seems you're device is

It seems you're device is configured to forward any syslog as snmp trap with following command :

snmp-server enable traps config

You cannot be sure of a snmp trap if it is generated or not, unless you capture it on debug enabled (debug snmp packet).

Configuration management event has been recorded in ccmHistoryEventTable

This message is shown in PI when trap from CISCO-CONFIG-MAN-MIB is sent.

Attached is the list of traps when received by PI and what event is generated.

-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **
New Member

Ok, I started debugging as

Ok, I started debugging as you said. I get the following output:

Mar 13 09:28:13.711: SNMP: V2 Trap, reqid 11689, errstat 0, erridx 0
 sysUpTime.0 = 198609846
 snmpTrapOID.0 = ciscoSyslogMIB.2.0.1
 clogHistoryEntry.2.1688 = PM
 clogHistoryEntry.3.1688 = 5
 clogHistoryEntry.4.1688 = ERR_RECOVER
 clogHistoryEntry.5.1688 = Attempting to recover from bpduguard err-disable state on Gi1/0/13
 clogHistoryEntry.6.1688 = 198609844
Mar 13 09:28:13.737: SNMP: Queuing packet to xx.xx.xx.xx

Looks like the Switch is sending SNMP Traps from the ciscoSyslogMIB. Is this why PI can't show the Traps and convert it into a alarm?

After this test I configured logging (syslog) to the PI. Now the errors are showed but still not converted into alarms. I just want to be notified by email when such errors occurs.


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