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Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 Alarms (switch port down)

We have a cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 managing switches, routers and AP.

By default, when a port of a switch goes down, the cisco Prime Infrastructre generates a Critical Alarm for that. (this is a problem, because every phone of laptop disconnection will generate a critical alarm for me)

I found out that if we go to Administration --> Alarm Severity --> Link down, I can change the Alarm from Critical to another type of alarm.(ex: warning)

The problem is that I want to keep the Critical Alarm for my Uplinks ports and for some important switch ports, and I would like to make the alarm as warning for the normal user ports.

I know that I can create Port Groupping and add ports to each group and apply monitoring templates on those groups. But This couldn't Help me solving my alarm problem.

So I just need to know how to manage the alarms severity for each group of ports.

Thank you

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Re: Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 Alarms (switch port down)

I was able to get this to work by redeploying the default Monitoring template for Interface Health only to the ports I am interested in (and have defined in a port group). In my case, I put a description on all "interesting" ports. So the port group is easily created with a filter "where description is not empty" - select all such ports and name the group.

If you wanted to continue to monitor the variables other than up/down for your remaining ports, your could further create a custom monitoring template based on the default Interface Health one but excluding the "Interface Availability" metric parameter. Save that as a new custom template and then deploy it to all ports not in the first port group.

Please refer to the PI Deployment Guide whitepaper for more details.

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Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 Alarms (switch port down)


Same problem here.

I am using Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 (evaluation version for 60 days). I want to deploy port monitoring for my trunk ports between switches and some other important ports e.g. servers. Basically I want to get alarms when these ports are down, there are errors on ports and etc.

So in Design>Port Grouping I created User Defined group with important ports. In Deploy>Monitoring Deployment I selected Interface Health (default)>Deploy selected Port Groups and when selected port group I created.

Now the rule shows Deployed: Yes and Status: Active. After that I just pulled out one port which was in monitored group, waited 5min as it is set in Interface Health (default) template, and nothing happened, and worse, alarms started to show up of other ports where regular users are connected (computers was turned off), which I do not want to see at all. I tried redeploy template, I even created my own template but still no desired result.

Any suggestions how to make port monitoring work?

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Hello, I have the same



I have the same problem.


I created port-groups for my "uplink ports" and deployed the template "interface health status" on those port-groups.


But when I set up my "link down" alarm as "Severity = Critical", i still get tons of alarms for all my dumb ports and not for my uplinks.


Is there something else to do ? I'm stuck.





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I am having the same issue, I

I am having the same issue, I setup as explained here and we are still not receiving emails when a port in the port group goes down or a switch goes down.


Thanks you,


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Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 Alarms (switch port down)

This worked for me. Thanks!

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Re: Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 Alarms (switch port down)

You're welcome. Please rate helpful posts.

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Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 Alarms (switch port down)

I have a similar issue and have a TAC case open about it. We can unplug a switch and get NO ALERTS! I also wanted to apply a user defined port group template and explicitly choose trunk ports but under the 'Type' window, out of all the port types, trunk/821.1q ports are not even there.

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