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Cisco Prime Infrastructure - not updating device details

We run Cisco prime Infrastructure and I have found an interesting problem that I can't see an easy way round.


If I have say a Cisco 2950 switch on my network, managed by Prime and I upgrade it to a 3560 - I then ask Prime to re-sync the device details.


This works - you can see the updated configuration files etc but the device ID stays the same - Prime still thinks it is a 3560, which it was when the device was originally added.


Is there a way, short of deleting the device and adding it again (losing the config archive) of getting prime to update it's details to reflect the hardware change?


It came to light as it screwed up a network hardware audit I was doing - this is all showing up on Prime as the old 2050's which I have replaced with 3560's.


There must be an easier way that just deleting the device and re-adding it?


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 This is by no means a full


This is by no means a full solution, but deleting and re-adding only takes a few minutes if you use the "Export Device" and "Bulk Import" features from the Device Work Center. You can export the desired devices to a CSV file, delete them, then import from the CSV. 

Of course, you might lose historical data when deleting the devices, but I'm guessing that's not as relevant since the devices themselves have been replaced by different hardware.


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