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Cisco prime license confusion

     Hi I have installed cisco prime 1.2 to manage router, AP, controller, switch and ISE

and I am confused wiht license

I have this 3 item

1. L-PILMS42-100

2. L-PINCSW11-100                  

3. L-PINCS11-100

I have already genereted and added item 3 on prime and it work

I gererated item 1 but I cannont add it on cisco prime, he dont reconnize the file

I am unnable to add my ISE on cisco prime

Do I need special licence fro ISE

Do I need to add the 3 license

Please advise

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Cisco prime license confusion

The LMS license (#1) is for use in the event that you wish to use the Prime LMS product for wired infrastructure management. It is a separate installation on its own server. That's where the LMS license would then be installed.

Item #2 is for NCS WAN which is not used by most customers. It was a product designed for a few specific use cases and is not being continued going forward.

You would be better off upgrading your Prime to version 2.0, assuming you purchased it with Software Application Support with Upgrade (SASU) service.

How are you looking to "add" ISE? PI and ISE are separate products with some integration but neither manages the other.

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Cisco prime license confusion

I know that it is different product

I want to use prime to manage some equipement like, catalyst 2960, ISE-3315-K9

Is it possible ?

What do I need to do it ?

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Cisco prime license confusion

Do you want to use Prime Infrastructure or Prime LMS to manage the Catalyst 2960 switches? In either case it is possible - simply add the devices manually or discover them. Procedure for PI is here. Procedure for LMS is here.

The ISE appliances are not manageable in any but the most basic sense as they are not a supported Cisco device (for either Prime Infrastructure or Prime LMS) and will be seen the same as a generic non-Cisco deivce. i.e., only SNMP polling and traps (and, with LMS, potentially syslog data).

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