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Cisco Prime LMS 4.2.4 Topology Services Layout Issue


I'd like to consult with the forum on an issue I have with the topology services in LMS 4.2.4:

When I add a device to LMS, as soon as it completes data collection successfully and added to the topology services map, the map's layout is being messed up.
That is even though the layout has been saved before adding the device.
Is it the expected behavior?


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My experience for an ad hoc

My experience for an ad hoc collection is that nothing in the layout other than the added device and any connections to/from it should change.

If your customization had included deleting active connections, those would be recreated in subsequent data collections.

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And where does this

And where does this customization (of deleting active connections) is configured (if indeed it was configured mistakenly by the end customer)?

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The topology layout file is

The topology layout file is saved individually per local Prime LMS user. It's somewhere like: C:\Program Files (x86)\CSCOpx\campus\etc\users\admin\Layer~2~View.xml (on Windows, with the lowest directory level equal to the username. Soft appliance would be in ./opt/CSCOpx...)

There's no supported way of synchronizing them (although some folks have hacked it by syncing the files manually) and the file format is not documented. It is however, pretty simple-looking xml and one can easily inspect the file and see some of the high level constructs. There's also a user.preferences file that captures the overall preferences for Topology (layout type etc.). These files reflect the selection of options in the Topology menus and dragging objects and connections around and otherwise customizing the various views.

In any case, if one deletes things that are found (via subsequent discovery or data collection) to be in fact active, they will reappear and be placed according to the settings for the layout type (symmetric, orthogonal, etc.).

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Having a similar problem with

Having a similar problem with LMS 4.2.3. I've already saved a map and had it projected. Every time it refreshes (I assume part of data collection), some devices disappear for a while and reappears in a totally different position as to where it was initially saved. The map's layout was messed up. How can we refrain this from happening? Or is it really the expected behavior.

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