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Cisco Prime LMS system job - how do I stop them?

Hello, I have run into a problem with system jobs.

I noticed that our automatic backup stopped working and the reason is that two system jobs is in the running state.

When I try to stop them I get this output:

Cannot stop job 1019.6718 because ERROR: Unable to suspend system jobs. Check log for more details.

I could probably resolve this with a restart of the deamon manager, but frankly Im a bit frustrated with how often I  need to restart the application to solve an issue.

Maybe someone know a way to stop a system job?


BR /Crille

Cisco Employee

Hi Crille, You can delete the

Hi Crille,


You can delete the this Job as below:

1. Make note of the job ID's that you want to delete.

2. Open a dos shell and go to NMSROOT    for e.g C:\Progra~1\CSCOpx\bin

3. Issue the command:

cwjava -cw NMSROOT


replace above NMSROOT with actual root like C:\Progra~1\CSCOpx

3. It will take you to the Job CLI mode

4. Issue the command:

delete 1019 (the job ID you want delete).

5. Close all CiscoWorks browsers and issue the commands:

net stop crmdmgtd

net start crmdmgtd

6. Wait 15 minutes and log back in to CiscoWorks




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Hi and thanks for your reply,

Hi and thanks for your reply, I have since the original post tried a stop / start and it removes the running job. But after a while it comes back, and Im not sure removing the job is a good idea, as it is labeled as "Maintenace job" and is scheduled to run every hour. Maybe best to open a TAC case to figure out what is going on?


 1019.6722 MAINTENANCE_JOB Running Periodic Maintenance Job Every 1 hour(s), starting 20 Aug 2014, 11:27:00 CEST Running admin Aug 20 2014, 11:27:00

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