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Cisco Prime Low Disk Space issue


Hello All ,


we have Cisco Prime 4.2 on VMware , we have assign enough  HD space 500GB , but still we have low Disk Space issue .


is there any logs we need to delete ?


please advise ,

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Pull a report using  Admin >

Pull a report using  Admin > System > Server Monitoring > Collect Server Information.

Depending on what you see, you may want to trim system logs or device specific info (syslog, performance and fault data).

System log files are rotated according to the settings that you can manage via the instructions here.

Beyond that, syslogs are typically one of the things taking up disk space. By default, syslog records are purged after 7 days. Check your settings - details here.

You can similarly purge performance and fault history data - details here and here.

Those are the top things to check. If that doesn't address your issue, I'd have a look at the file system from the cli using the standard Linux tools.

Cisco Employee

Hi,Along with the


Along with the recommendation given by Marvin.


check if you have an JAVA_PID.HPROF files under NMSROOT/CSCOpx  and NMSROOT/CSCOpx/MDC/tomcat.

if  you find those files just delete them , deleting then will  not have impact on LMS functionality.




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