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Cisco recommendations for CPU, Memory, Buffers

Hi, I am trying to define SNMP threholds within our customers network.

  Unfortunately, the hardware in the estate covers everything from 6500s, 7204s to 837's. I've been searching within Cisco website for CPU/Memory/Buffer recommendations but while I've found lots of useful information not exactly what I am looking for.

I realise that the services, routing protocols, importance of each device will have a bearing on my thresholds but even if I had a starting point with a Cisco minimum recommendation document, it would help me.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Mary O Driscoll

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco recommendations for CPU, Memory, Buffers

You are correct that coming up with hard numbers really depends on the platform, traffic load, features, etc.  In general, CPU at 70% would be a minor alert, 80% a major alert, 90% a critical alert.  With buffers, at 65% (in use) is a minor alert, 70% is a major alert, and 75% is a critical alert (this data is actually used by the Embedded Resource Manager to do buffer memory reclamation in 12.4(6)T and higher).  With memory, 30% free is a minor alert, 25% is a major alert, and 15% is a critical alert.

As for a document for this, I don't know of one.  These kind of general numbers are either used within IOS itself, or by our Device Fault Manager application to provide default thresholds.

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