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Cisco replacement for Packetshaper?

Just about every bit of our LAN/WAN is Cisco, aside from a 5-year old PacketShaper that sits on our primary Internet connection. It's starting to get a little long in the tooth, and we're looking at replacement options.

We need something that provides comparable functionality--the ability to montior and shape traffic (both TCP and UDP) up through Layer 7. The ability to do this rapidly is key as with a number of marketing/communications business units on our WAN, Internet spikes are common.

We have considerable experience with Diffserv, NBAR, and Netflow, but combined, they don't reach the level of granularity the PacketShaper does.

The former P-Cube acquisition (now SCE1000/2000), looks like it has some potential, but also looks like it's more geared toward very specific roles in the service provider arena.

Our Cisco VAR, SE, and AE are running this up the chain at Cisco, but I'm hoping someone here has dealt with similar needs.


Re: Cisco replacement for Packetshaper?

QoS Policy Manager (QPM) tool allows easy configuration and monitoring of QoS Policies. It has richer set of features compared to OLD Packeteer packetshaper.

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Re: Cisco replacement for Packetshaper?

From what I've seen QPM doesn't have the granularity and Layer 7 capabilities that we're looking for.

It looks like we're going to do a try and buy on an SCE1010.

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