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Cisco security manager 3.1

Hi all

I am having problems with CSM 3.1 on windows, i installed it on a windows 2003 server SP2 release 2. The installation went fine but when i start CSM through the web browser port 1741, it give me '' Please wait.... system is still coming up... you will be redirected to login page'' BUT it just keeps trying with the same message. I restarted the server, tried again, same issue

Just one qn with regards to the server specs on the installation guide :

Microsoft Windows 2003 Server :

-Enterprise Edition with SP1 or Enterprise Edition, Release 2.

As i said, i installed it on windows 2003 server SP2 release 2, NOT SP1 at mentioned in the guide, would this affect the application ? I would think not as SP2 covers all the features of SP1, dont know much about windows but thats what our server guys tell me

Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance



Re: Cisco security manager 3.1

Yes SP2 support was added in 3.1.1. Install Guide was not updated though for 3.1.1.

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Re: Cisco security manager 3.1

I have installed CSM 3.1 on windows server 2003 SP2 as well, no issues, working fine.

I have problem discovering devices, could u help me somehow.

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Re: Cisco security manager 3.1

I have noticed that CSM takes very long until it is up and running. maybe you should check the services if they are all started.

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Re: Cisco security manager 3.1

Nothing wrong with the services either, i have finally found out that the version has a problem discovering devices with that K8 (ASA-5540-K8) extension at the end.

Cisco has released a patch for it, but my account privileges on doesn't allow me to download the file.

CSM 3.0.1 Service Pack 1 Patch for Field Notice 62678 patch

Could anyone help.

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