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Cisco Security Manager 3.2: Are there ACL Manager 1.6 style ACL Templates

I've been successful migrating my network classes and service classes from ACL Manager 1.6 to Cisco Security Manager 3.2. I've been doing this manually, by the way.

Now, I'd like to migrate ACL Include Templates from my ACL Manager to Cisco Security Manager. I see that within Policy Object Manager I can create ACLs, presumably to do this. However, CSM wants me to use pre-defined services for the ACEs within each ACL Policy. Half of the templates I'd like to move over list actual ports and protocols rather than Service Objects.

Is there a way to create ACL Templates that I can include in multiple ACLs with flexibility and use raw ports and protocols (as opposed to services) akin to what is offered in ACL Manager? Unfortunately, for many of these ACEs with raw ports/protocols, I will have great difficulty defining service objects so adding the raw port/protocol would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,


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