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New Member

Cisco SF300-24: Searching OIDs

Hello all,

I've got a Cisco SF300-24 and would like to monitor trough snmp:

- Memory Used, Free

- Interface CRC

- cpu utilization

- Memory Buffer Used

I checked your website related technical documentation for the Cisco MIB file, and the two species are listed below

  • •1.     Cisco Small Business 300 Series Managed Switch Administration Guide Release 1.2.5.PDF
  • •2.     SRW-US_v10_UG_A-Web. PDF
  • •3.     Sx300_MIB_1.1.2.ZIP

And I could not confirm that such OID values

Don't its  hard to find the right OIDs.

Could someone help me please?

Thanks in advance

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Cisco Employee

Cisco SF300-24: Searching OIDs


I believe the device you mentioned is the IOS based device. If it is so then you may use following MIBs depending on the version of IOS.

  • Interface CRC via OLD-CISCO-INTERFACES-MIB (specifically "locIfInCRC"). If you want to get the interface related statistics then you have to go for IF-MIB.

You may refer to following links additionally if you want help with some FAQs.


K. Lakshmi Ganesh

New Member

Cisco SF300-24: Searching OIDs

TO K. Lakshmi Ganesh

The switch is not based IOS

If you did not contact the IOS device ever been.

Datasheet not the appropriate OID values

Exactly sure, but I'd like to hear answers

The OID haneundae other support basic CPU, MEM, etc.

I would like to know andoeneungeot provision OID value.

Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Cisco SF300-24: Searching OIDs


Let me know the software being used by you on this device. Give me the full image name so that i may point out the exact MIBs.


K. Lakshmi Ganesh

New Member

Re: Cisco SF300-24: Searching OIDs

HI  K. Lakshmi Ganesh

Model of the equipment, the SRW224G4-K9-EU Switch - 24 x 10/100 + 2 x combo Gigabit SFP - rack-mountable

The requested OS version are as follows:

- The following

sf300 equipment checklist is

SW-1 # sh ver

SW version (date 30-Aug-2011 time 10:46:34)

Boot version (date 11-May-2011 time 18:31:00)

HW version V02

SW-1 # sh system

System Description: 24-port 10/100 Managed Switch

System Up Time (days, hour: min: sec): 14,13:27:39

System Contact:

System Name: SW-1

System Location:

System MAC Address: d8: 24: bd: f4: 11: d7

System Object ID: 

to the current system id that is registered in nms

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