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Cisco Works Discovery Schedule

I had a problem with my schedule jobs.

I have previosly configured (8) eight periodicly schedules but they was stopped. So, when I try to restart it again, this is the answer:

Unable to edit the job 1018.

Refer C:/PROGRA~1/CSCOpx/log/CSDiscovery.log for more details.

There is some way to restart them again?

Thank You. Regards.

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco Works Discovery Schedule

How did you try to restart these jobs? What status are they in? What are the errors in the CSDiscovery.log?

Re: Cisco Works Discovery Schedule

please post the output of 'pdshow'. I assume that the discovery job 1018 is still running (or better it hangs).

Could you post a screenshot of

CS > Device and Credential > Device Discovery

showing the "Discovery Summary"

and also of CS > Device and Credentials > Device Discovery > "Discovery Schedule"

Community Member

Re: Cisco Works Discovery Schedule

No, is not running the status is cancelled, =(

Community Member

Re: Cisco Works Discovery Schedule

The jobs status is cancelled because I push stop on every one.

I try to restart this making the selection in "Discovery Schedule panel" and then "edit", then "schedule" but is not allowed to do that.

I tryng to get the logs.

Thank You.

Re: Cisco Works Discovery Schedule

ok, it was running and I think that was the reason why you could not change the settings.

Currently I assume the "Stop Discovery" button works only if the discovery job runs fine and not if discovery hangs. In this situation it was always save to stop and restart dmgtd to stop discovery cleanly.

You could try to restart dmgtd, also to get back the control over this job.

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