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Cisco Works upgrade

I'm currently running LMS3.2 and ordered an upgrade, Cisco sent me an electronic version of L-CWLMS-4.0-1.5KUP with a PAK in it but I was expecting a DVD version. I assume that I need to download/install an eval version and then enter the PAK to make it permanenet, please correct me if I'm wrong. I don't think I can upgrade over my existing LMS3.2, I beleive I will need to wipe out my existing LMS and start from the fresh.

Thank you all.


Cisco Works upgrade

No, You need to enter your PAK here:

Then you can get the license send to you.



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Re: Cisco Works upgrade

In addition to Michel's correct answer, I would add two things:

1. The current LMS version is 4.1, not 4.0. If you're going to the trouble to upgrade, it should be to the current version.

2. You can preserve your device list and other settings by backing up your LMS 3.2 and then restoring the data into the new LMS 4 installation. Follow the procedures here.

Whether or not you migrate your data, you should be reading and closely following the Installation Guide. LMS is very unforgiving of one not having all of the prequisites correctly established and procedure not followed.

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