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CiscoView bug?

On a Cat6513 running CatOS 8.4(4), PS1 (WS-CAC-6000W) became disabled due to the following:

2006 Sep 30 06:48:32 edt -04:00 %SYS-4-PS_INPUT:Power supply 1 input decreased

2006 Sep 30 06:48:32 edt -04:00 %SYS-1-SYS_DISABLEPS: Rating of power supplies in redundancy not equal, power supply 1 disabled

CiscoView 5.5 (LMS 2.2) with latest Cat6000 update and 6.x (LMS 2.6) both show Input Ok light #1 on PS1 as lit, even though it no longer is.

CV reports PS1 as follows:

Category: Power Supply

Power Supply Type: 6000 watt(AC)

PS Status: ok

PS Diagnostic Errors: (no error)

Redundant Power Supply: Yes

PS Fan Status: Normal

"Show system" on the switch reports:


PS1 Capacity: 2671.20 Watts (63.60 Amps @42V)

PS2 Capacity: 5771.64 Watts (137.42 Amps @42V)

PS Configuration : PS1 and PS2 in Redundant Configuration. PS1 disabled.

Is this a known bug?

Cisco Employee

Re: CiscoView bug?

You should check the CISCO-STACK-MIB data for this power supply. That is, do an snmpget for chassisPs1Status.0. That will help narrow down if the problem is with CatOS or CiscoView However, given that the PS Status shows "ok" in CiscoView, the switch is most likely reporting that via SNMP.


Re: CiscoView bug?

Are you saying it's a limitation of CiscoView because it relies solely on SNMP, which in this case is not receiving the correct status info from the hardware?

Even then, since CiscoView pretends to show the actual physical appearance of Cisco hardware, isn't this still a CiscoView problem when it's not representing the device status correctly?


Re: CiscoView bug?

I think jclarke is asking you to check whether the issue lies with SNMP or with CiscoView. If SNMP is reporting the supply as disabled, yet CiscoView is showing it as active, then it is purely a CiscoView problem. However, if SNMP is reporting the power supply as active when it is disabled, then CiscoView is simply mirroring the misinformation it is getting from SNMP.


Re: CiscoView bug?

CiscoView can oly report what it gets from the agent via SNMP. If you would like to call this a limitation of CiscoView, you may. This is CiscoView's design (rely exclusively on SNMP).

So, if the SNMP agent reports ok and CiscoView reports ok, then CiscoView is functioning properly.

However, if the SNMP agent reports ok and CiscoView reports anything other than ok, then it's a CiscoView problem.

Cisco Employee

Re: CiscoView bug?

See the following two replies (from nhabib and mgalazka). CiscoView relies exlcusively on SNMP to draw a Catalyst switch. If the SNMP instrumentation is not reporting accurate (or reporting incomplete) information, then there is nothing CiscoView can do in its current design. The device instrumenation would need to be fixed.

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