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CiscoView not displaying all switches in a 3750-Stack


I am running LMS 4.1 and have an issue with Inventory: I have a stack of four 3750 switches, but only two of them are showing up in CiscoView. If I right-click - Topology - Device Report ;  I see all four switches.

The switches are standard 3750 switches and should be included in the Device Packages for CiscoView

Also if I go Reports  - Detailed Device ; I see the same two devices show up under Module Information. However when I go to Reports - Device Attributes ; I see all four devices correctly displayed.

I have tried and deleted and added the stack in CiscoPrime, but with same result.

Any ideas what the cause and fix could be?



CiscoView not displaying all switches in a 3750-Stack

Not to familiar with the 3750 stack config

A stack of 4 however should be discoverd and displayed as one device.

Normally when when you create the stack only one is configured with an IP address used by all 4.

I guess in your case standalone switches were stacked later on.



Community Member

CiscoView not displaying all switches in a 3750-Stack


actually two stacks were merged into one stack, and now CiscoView is displaying the Master of the old stack, along with the Master of the new stack.

But what can I do to correct the issue? I've tried to deleted the stack from inventory and re-add it, but with the same result.

CiscoView not displaying all switches in a 3750-Stack

No, the problem is not in ciscoworks but on the stacks.

You may need to take a backup of one of the stacks, port descriptions vlans , etc, and then do a write erase.

Next you will need to Read The F Manual to make the other stack always be the master. Something in the config registry...  -) I don't recall what or how.

Then you can connect the 2 switches from the other stack you erased to the existing stack, and then power the new member on.

Then you should have one stack.

The stack IP you deleted can be removed from ciscoworks, the other will be updated.

Then you can configure the new stack members as they were configured previously, port descriptions vlans , etc.



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