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CiscoWorks 2.2 ---- CiscoWorks 2.5

Hi, Is there a migration tool that can migrate the old Cisco Works 2.2 config file to 2.5 ?

Cisco Employee

Re: CiscoWorks 2.2 ---- CiscoWorks 2.5

Which config file are you referring to? If you mean the 2.2 database then you can look at the data migration guidelines from 2.2 to 2.5:

Community Member

Re: CiscoWorks 2.2 ---- CiscoWorks 2.5

i have installed LMS 2.5.1 Cisco Works :-)

Cisco Employee

Re: CiscoWorks 2.2 ---- CiscoWorks 2.5

Dave's reply about the data migration guidelines is the way to go. When you restore for LMS 2.2 backup into LMS 2.5+, it will automatically migrate the data for you. I would also add that there have been more migration bugs fixed in LMS 2.6 which is a free download that applies on top of LMS 2.5.1 (see You should consider applying that before doing your 2.2 migration.

But when you do decide to do it, make sure you carefully read the guidelines in the previous post by davistan.

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