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Ciscoworks 2.5.1 on VMWare

This has been asked in previous topics and the official answer from Cisco is that it is not supported.

I'm in a delemma at the moment. Have been waiting for 6 months now to have Ciscoworks installed on a standalone server. New directions and policy have now dictated that Ciscoworks be installed on VMWare. We have frustratingly lobbied for months now that Cisco does not support it and neither would our maintenance partner.

The result is now that in the next few days i will be handed a new "virtual" server with my Ciscoworks installed on it...unless I can substantiate reasons why Cisco does not support it. Any help from the Cisco engineers on this would greatly be appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: Ciscoworks 2.5.1 on VMWare

I think the biggest reason you would present is support. If you encounter problems with LMS especially with processes or the database then development will not even look at the issue and TAC will not troubleshoot.

you might end up spending more time reinstalling an application that actually using it.

The quick start guide also mentions that LMS will not work on vmware or other virtual servers:

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Re: Ciscoworks 2.5.1 on VMWare

Thanks Davistan.

The support issues has been our main driver to have a stand-alone server dedicated for Ciscoworks.

Hopefully common sense and not $$$ savings will prevail as we push to have a standalone.

Cisco Employee

Re: Ciscoworks 2.5.1 on VMWare

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Re: Ciscoworks 2.5.1 on VMWare

I run CiscoWorks on VMWare on Windows 2003 Server. It works well especially after they assigned the VM 2gig RAM for CiscoWorks. It was slow with 1gig of RAM because it uses more than that when it is running. The server people used PlateSpin to migrate it from a physical server to VMWare.

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