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ciscoworks 3.0 no devices in DCR.

Hi Joe / Friends,

We have a CW 3.0 managing about 400 devices. but somehow we caould not see any devices in DCR / DFM or RME. But if we try to add the devices, it says duplicate device. The devices are also added to the ACS, we rechecked the config for ACS once again.

We tried to do a restore backup. but no change. Neither we can see any device nor we can add any. pl help.



Cisco Employee

Re: ciscoworks 3.0 no devices in DCR.

If you are integrated with ACS, check Common Services > Device and Credentials > Reports > Devices not configured in ACS.  Chances are the devices are listed there.  If they are, you will need to add them to ACS as they appear in that report.  After that, log out, and log back in to LMS.

Note, if you're using NDGs in ACS, make sure your System Identity User has full access to all devices, and that your current LMS user is allowed to manage the NDGs which contain your devices and the NDG which contains the LMS server.

Re: ciscoworks 3.0 no devices in DCR.

I can assure that all the devices are in ACS. but when i see the "devices not in ACS" list, I still find some devices.

We do have distributed ACS setup (Diff locations have different ACS for mgmt). but devices are monitored with a single CW integrated to local ACS.

Pl help.

Cisco Employee

Re: ciscoworks 3.0 no devices in DCR.

The only reason a device appears in the Devices not configured in ACS report is that those devices are not known to the ACS server to which LMS is integrated by the IP address which appears in the report.  You can use wildcards in ACS, but you must match those IPs.  Additionally, your LMS System Identity User must have access to the NDGs which contain those devices (in ACS).

Re: ciscoworks 3.0 no devices in DCR.

You see, in CW i have renamed the system id user from "admin" to "systemiduser". and the same is configured in the local ACS also, where the CW is integrated. Now, do I have to create the "systemiduser" in all the remote ACS and provide it with the access of the Device Group in which the devices are put.

Cisco Employee

Re: ciscoworks 3.0 no devices in DCR.

I'm still not 100% sure how you have things setup.  But if you do not have all of your devices know to the local ACS server (i.e. the one to which LMS is integrated), then ACS integration will not work properly.  Your systemiduser only needs to be created on the ACS server to which LMS is integrated.  If you are doing replication in ACS, then that user will be replicated to the other ACS servers.  However, if you have multiple discrete ACS servers (and those servers are known to LMS as secondary or tertiary servers), then you will need to have the systemiduser on all servers.

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