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CiscoWorks and ACE modules

Hey Techies...

Has anyone had success getting CW 3.2.0 to play nice with ACE modules (ACE20-MOD-K9)?  In particular, I'm having issues getting any details on our contexts.  I was able to add the contexts to inventory without issues, but I cannot do or see anything beyond that.

I have a feeling it has to do with this line in the ACE configs:  snmp-server community mystringhere group Network-Monitor

From what I've read, the Network-Monitor group is a built in group that I cannot delete... however, I also cannot figure out how to modify it to include my ciscoworks server.

If anyone's been able to add ACE modules to ciscoworks, I'd love to know how.  Any tips appreciated,


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Re: CiscoWorks and ACE modules

The ACE modules are only supported for functions of the RME and DFM components of CiscoWorks LMS. See .

Is there something in particular you want to do but cannot? Generally speaking, detailed configuration management on ACE modules (apart from CLI) is done using Application Networking Manager (ANM). See .

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Re: CiscoWorks and ACE modules

Thanks for the reply, and input.

I'm only really interested in the Config backup jobs... Archive Management in particular... in RME.  I understand that ANM can do the same via Checkpoints, but I like the automated process in CiscoWorks.

When I create an Archive job to backup the config, the failure message is:  "CM0056 Config fetch failed for Prod-ACE-Admin Cause: CM0204 Could not create DeviceContext for 81 Cause: CM0206 Could not get the config transport implementation for Cause: CM0202 Could not access via SNMP. Action: Check the Read Community String.  Action: Check if protocol is supported by device and required device package is installed."

I have double-checked the snmp string... in the ACE-Admin context:  snmp-server community mystringhere group Network-Monitor

... which matches that configured in CW.

I have to assume it's the "group Network-Monitor" ACL, which I can't locate or seem to edit.

Does that help narrow it down a bit?  Preciate any further thoughts.


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Re: CiscoWorks and ACE modules

Do you have a class-map and policy-map allowing snmp into your ACE and applied to your management interface? Something like the following:

class-map type management match-any MGMT

  10 match protocol telnet any

  20 match protocol ssh any

  30 match protocol icmp any

  40 match protocol snmp any

policy-map type management first-match MGMT_PERMIT

  class MGMT


interface vlan [vlan-id]

  ip address [ip-address netmask]

  service-policy input MGMT_PERMIT

  no shutdown

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Re: CiscoWorks and ACE modules

Almost exactly as you describe:

class-map type management match-any REMOTE-MGMT
  21 match protocol ssh any
  22 match protocol telnet any
  23 match protocol icmp any
  24 match protocol https any
  25 match protocol http any
  26 match protocol snmp any

policy-map type management first-match REMOTE-ACCESS

interface vlan 151
  description *** Management access ***
  ip address
  peer ip address
  service-policy input REMOTE-ACCESS

  service-policy input P-RM2

  no shutdown


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