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Ciscoworks and ExcessiveFragmentation DFM Alerts

I recently upgraded DFM to 3.0.5 (CW LMS 3.0.1). Once I did that, all of our 2948G switches started reporting ExcessiveFragmentation errors. We have a couple of switches with 1 or 2 connections and low utilization so I am not sure why this is happening. Is this a bug or a known issue? Thanks in advance!

Cisco Employee

Re: Ciscoworks and ExcessiveFragmentation DFM Alerts

This is the first I'm hearing about this on DFM 3.0.5. There used to be a bug on a very old version of DFM related to this event.

The algorithm for ExcessiveFragmentation is to look at the ciscoMemoryPoolValid objects to see that a given pool is valid (i.e. has a value of 1). Then take ciscoMemoryPoolLargestFree, divide by 1024, multiply by 100, and divide by ciscoMemoryPoolFree. If the resulting value is less than the configured threshold, then an event is fired.

Community Member

Re: Ciscoworks and ExcessiveFragmentation DFM Alerts

Thanks for the quick response. We have been running Ciscoworks for almost a year now and haven't seen this error at all until DFM was upgraded. It is only showing up on the 2948 series switches (and we have several). Are you saying that this is a bug or a real alert? If you need additional information from Ciscoworks, let me know and I can post it. Thanks!

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