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CiscoWorks and WAN connectivity types

In CiscoWorks is it possible to identify what WAN connection is currently active ( FR / ISDN )?

We have a customer who wants to monitor what type of link is currently active

Lecme brief you about the scenario :

the customer is having 10 Brach offices and one Head office, all the branch office are terminated on the Main office router via Frame-Relay connection also in addition to this the customer is having ISDN links as a backup connection to these Brach Offices.

assume that just in case if something happens to Main primary link (FR) then the IDSN link will fire up and this should be reflected in the CISCOWORKS TOPOLOGY SERVICES

We are using Cisco Works LMS ver 2.1

Thanks in Advance


Re: CiscoWorks and WAN connectivity types

If you are using DFM, it will notify you when an ISDN link is active.

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Re: CiscoWorks and WAN connectivity types

On this same topic...

DFM is currently showing my ISDN backup link as down. It will be down since our Primary link is up so this is its normal state. How can I change DFM behavior to not display an alert for it being down? I know I can just not monitor the interface but I would like it to tell me if it comes up. Thanks for any help!

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Re: CiscoWorks and WAN connectivity types

More detail...

The primary links to our plants are T1. The backup circuits are a combination of ISDN PRI and BRI. I did find that I can add a new setting in the thresholds that defines an interface type as Backup. I can edit the threshold category for D and B channels and monitor the B channels if they surpase 0% utilization. This is great. However, DFM is alerting me that my T1's are up and description shows they are BackupInterfaces. They are being listed as Point-to-Point Serial interfaces which is acccurate. I double checked that the Interfaces/Serial within Threshold settings does not have a Backup threshold category defined and they do not. Somehow, configuring the ISDN B and D channel backup thresholds has also changed the settings for PtoP interface as well. Why? How can I get CW to monitor my links appropriatly? I hope this all makes sense.

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Re: CiscoWorks and WAN connectivity types

In Topology Services we get a network layout, displaying all the components present in the network along with the connectivity.

Now in this topology map is it possible to indentify the link type and to be more precise WAN link type ( Serial 2MB FR or ISDN )

please help

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Re: CiscoWorks and WAN connectivity types

Topology Services already classifies WAN links as either Serial or ATM depending on the link type. To the end of that designation, Campus appends the ifSpeed. So and ISDN link, for example, may appear as Serial128K. Whereas the main frame-relay link may show as Serial1M.

Campus 4.0 draws all links (LAN and WAN) the same way. However, you can highlight link types by using the "Link Types" tree on the right-hand side of the window. Additionally, placing your mouse cursor on a link on the map will provide for information. For example:

From: nms-2610a (2610), Se1/0

To: nms-3660 (3660), Se3/0

All that said, Campus is not a fault management tool. If the main frame-relay link goes down, and the ISDN link comes up, Campus may never know about that since a data collection may not be performed while the backup link is up.

A fault management tool link DFM might be of more use since as Nadim pointed out, it can notify you when the main link goes down.

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Re: CiscoWorks and WAN connectivity types

thank you guys for replying .....

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