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CiscoWorks ANI Error on bootup

I'm running CiscoWorks with Common Services 3.0, DFM 2.0, CiscoView 6.1 and RME 3.5; I cannot get RME to appear on the main web interface page, nor appear in the Software Center list for updates.

I also cannot get the ANI server process to start; manual attempts fail. I've attached a text copy of the error from the processes page; I have a .doc copy of the full server info output, but it's too large to post.

Any starting point of troubleshooting would be appreciated.



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Re: CiscoWorks ANI Error on bootup

First of all, none of these versions are compatible. If you really have DFM 2.0 and RME 3.5 installed with Common Services 3.0, then your installation is completely corrupt, and must be redone from scratch.

If these versions are incorrect, the first step will be to get a list of accurate versions, including Campus Manager.

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Re: CiscoWorks ANI Error on bootup

I logged into the server to verify; I cannot verify the version of RME directly because it doesn't appear in the product list on the 'Software Update' page in Common Services.

The other versions are:

- Common Services 3.0

- CiscoView 6.1

- DFM 2.0

- Integration Utility 1.6

I was presuming that RME was v 3.5 because I ran the '' patch after the initial install of the CWLMS-2.5-MR-K9 suite.

I'm reviewing my collection of CDs to verify that I didn't leave out a correct version of RME.

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Re: CiscoWorks ANI Error on bootup

You have corrupted your installation. You will need to contact the TAC to get a script which can clean the server. After than, you will need to reinstall LMS 2.5. LMS 2.5 comes with RME 4.0. Once you applied a 3.5 update on top of that, you broke LMS 2.5.

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Re: CiscoWorks ANI Error on bootup

The first time I encountered this issue, I uninstalled LMS and reinstalled it from scratch on the server; considering that my TAC support window for this LMS purchase has lapsed, is the script necessary, or should I rebuild the server from scratch as an alternative?

I guess my fault here was trying to patch modules up using older/out of sequence CDs that were acquired when we had a support contract for the older version.

If I can reinstall the suite cleanly, I'll just leave the versions unchanged and abstain from attempting module upgrades.

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Re: CiscoWorks ANI Error on bootup

The cleanup tool is necessary since the uninstall will not completely clean the system. Your alternative will be to rebuild the server from scratch.

Installing LMS 2.5, and leaving it as-is is a bad idea, too. LMS 2.5 is quite old and full of bugs. Once you have LMS 2.5 installed, there are quite a few valid updates available. You can upgrade to LMS 2.5.1 then to 2.6 by downloading the updates from . After that, you can use the built-in Software Center under Common Services > Software Center > Software Update to download the latest Service Packs for RME, Common Services, Campus Manager, and DFM.

When you're all done with the updates, you should have:

Common Services : 3.0.6

RME : 4.0.6

Campus Manager : 4.0.10

DFM : 2.0.10

IPM : 2.6

CV : 6.1.5

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Re: CiscoWorks ANI Error on bootup

Thanks for the info;

I'll get the cleanup tool and reinstall in the order you specified.


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Re: CiscoWorks ANI Error on bootup

Short of opening a TAC case, how can I get this uninstall tool?

The purchased full install is past warranty and there is no maintenence contract for this.

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