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Ciscoworks backup configuration routers and switches

Go to RME - Admin - Config Management

From there you can edit your Transport, Archive and Collection Settings.

Once this is done everything should be setup for config collection.

hey, i am trying to configure automaticaly backup.

i added the equipment to RME some is grey and some is good.

RME>Administration>Config Managment

there: Archive location : here some directory

then i go to, Collection Settings and make Periodic Polling and Periodic Collection . Enable and Schedule to 5 minutes from now

then i wait like 20 minutes no backup was created in the directory i choose, plus- does it backup everything in the rme ? or should i somewhere mark

the devices i wanna backup

thanks in advance


Cisco Employee

Re: Ciscoworks backup configuration routers and switches

I'm not quite clear on the problems you're seeing.  First, what version of RME are you using?  If you look at the archive directory on the file system, do you see ANY directories within it?  From the root dcma directory (e.g. C:\PROGRA~1\CSCOpx\files\rme\dcma) there should be baselinetemplates, configexport, devfiles, difffiles, newbaselinetemplates, shadow, and temp.  If these do not exists, then your archive directory is not writable by casuser.  You will need to fix this, then restart the ConfigMgmtServer daemon.

As for the devices which are not selectable in the UI, this could point to a package problem.  What type of devices are these exactly?  What are their sysObjectIDs?

New Member

Re: Ciscoworks backup configuration routers and switches

the folders exist in the location you mentioned

shadow > primary,vlan etc..

, but i'll check cause it might have been created with the admin account which opened an account for me.

as for your question i'm using version LMS2.6

theres the server itself users and theres the ciscoworks user under Security,

how do i ensure that the user can write over that folder?

as for the equipment(grey) i believe it's an snmp community mismatch, that is not important i'll fix that just after i manage to make a config backup.

the main question is, is Collection backup the entire equipment that exist in the rme devices or i have to pick.

Thank you very much for your time


Cisco Employee

Re: Ciscoworks backup configuration routers and switches

If you right-click on the dcma directory (and all subdirectories), make sure the casusers group is listed there with full control access.

The grayed out devices in the device selector could be symtpomatic of a bad RME package repository.  In that case, you would need to open a service request with TAC to get a good package collection to recover the repository.

By default, RME will not do periodic config collection at all.  If you enable the system collection job, then RME will periodically collect configurations from ALL devices which are not conflicting or suspended.

New Member

Re: Ciscoworks backup configuration routers and switches

Thank you very much,

Currently, the problem is that the account is locked out too many wrong passwords

i'll update you if it's solved once

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