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Ciscoworks Discovery Problems

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We are incorporating CiscoWorks and I am trying to perform the initial discovery of devices. While we are still running Foundry FastIron core switches, I try to use some of our Cisco routers and switches as seed devices, but never seem to get one hop past them. For example, I use a switch that has several other switches connected to it, all of which have APs on them. I can only see the other switches, but not the APs. When I use the next hop switches as my seed devices, then the APs show up in the discovery. I have checked my SNMP settings, as well as retry and hop count settings. No matter what I set them at, it has no affect. Only when I add seed devices from down-stream on the network does the discovery count increase.

Also, does CiscoWorks discover routing/switching devices other than Cisco? Could our Foundry core pair be screwing things up?

Additionally, I can not see anything across our DSL & MPLS WAN links. Some of those devices are Nortel equipment.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


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Re: Ciscoworks Discovery Problems

Currently, CiscoWorks discovery relies on CDP and ILMI. For an ethernet switched network, it's all going to be CDP. Therefore, check your CDP settings on all your Cisco gear, and make sure that your seed devices see their neighbors, their neighbors see _their_ neighbors, and so on.

Discovery will only pick up CDP-supporting devices right now, and CiscoWorks is primarily a Cisco-only NMS. Late this calendar year we will be introducing an update to LMS 3.0 that will feature non-CDP based discovery (ARP cache, ping sweeps, BGP tables, OSPF tables,, HSRP, and cluster switch algorithms will be included). This should work better with your DSL and MPLS network.

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